Hair Styles for Summer 2017 – Thin Hair Inspiration

New Do, New You – Hair Styles for Summer 2017


So, great news! Your hair is growing, birds are chirping, sun is shining; but how do we turn heads with our new luscious locks? With a great new haircut of course.

2017 Hair Styles

Luckily, 2017 is all about bobs, lobs, and pixies. All three of these are great for a careless do that wont weight down our hair making them ideal for hair that is on the thin side.

A bob is a fun little cut that barely touches your shoulders. It’s a cut that can have a lot of texturized layers that keep hair from being weighed down and laying flat. Throw a little curl here and there for some fun flare or leave it straight for a sleek sexy look.


What’s a “lob” you ask? Drum roll please, it’s a … long bob! Its perfect for those girls with long hair that is looking thin and dull. It’s a cut that comes a little past the shoulders, it doesn’t weight the hair down, and it still gives you that long hair look. Try to keep your ends cut straight across to maintain volume at the bottom of your hair which is what gives the lob its voluminous look.


The pixie cut has become quite popular these past couple of years with so many stars opting for the short, carefree look. It’s a cut so effortless that you can throw a little texturizing clay in it, put some mascara and lipstick on and you are ready for the runway! Some of us don’t have the option to choose a cut that isn’t a pixie, but why not have fun with it? Schedule an appointment at your favorite salon and have the stylist give you a cut that adds character to the hair and fits your features.


All three of these cuts will have you turning heads everywhere you go! Walk with confidence, attitude, and make every hair flip fabulous!


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