Fiber Fix: Keratin Hair Fibers

Keratin hair fibers are used to conceal visible areas on the scalp as a result of thinning hair. This go-to hair product is a quick fix to hide areas, reduce visibility and restore confidence. During the beginning stages of male or female pattern hair loss hair fibers are a great hair product to conceal hair loss.

Have you looked in the mirror and all you could see was your scalp covered by your diffuse hair?

Hair fibers work by magnetizing to hair shafts giving the illusion of thicker fuller hair which make fibers a great tool for sparse areas in the crown and hairline.


Hair fibers are great for individuals who have special events such as weddings, corporate gatherings, or when all eyes are on you. Fibers are easy to use providing natural results. Day’s you are feeling thin and insecure, fibers add a boost to your hair and confidence.

What you will notice:

  • Less visibility of the scalp
  • Fuller Hair Instantly
  • Natural Results

Want to know if keratin hair fibers are right for you? National Hair Loss offers custom fits hair fibers with complimentary “Fiber Fixes” for those interested in the product. Schedule an appointment today and get the perfect color match for you.


Why do our patients love hair fibers?

“I was introduced to hair fibers when I was going through a shed. I felt I could see through my hair right to my scalp. I was worried people would think I was balding. After a few shakes of the fibers, I had fuller and thicker hair…instantly!” 

Are you experiencing hair loss? Signs to look for:

  • Hair looks & feels thinner.
  • Hair is struggling to grow or has stayed the same length
  • Excess shedding

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