Do You Know What Causes Male Hair Loss?

Society is very accepting of male hair loss as a normal part of the aging process. Hollywood is full of leading men who have accepted and even embraced baldness as part of their look. But not every man facing hair loss is ready to “just accept it.” First, let us understand why hair loss in men occurs.


Male pattern baldness (Androgenetic Alopecia) affects nearly half of all American men by the age of 50 and 85 percent of all American men have significantly thinning hair by that age (

Most male hair loss is usually attributable to genetics and more specifically, to the conversion of the male hormone testosterone to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). As men begin to produce more testosterone, those sensitivity to DHT will experience miniaturization of hair shafts, hair follicles will begin to dry up and eventually hair growth will stop.


How does DHT contribute to male pattern hair loss? The testosterone hormone is converted into DHT in the testes by the enzyme, 5a-reducatase. Once converted, DHT binds to androgens

  1. Decrease blood flow to follicle, causing follicle to progressively miniaturize.
  2. Decrease in hair protein, nutrients, H20 and oxygen.
  3. Cell division is disrupted.

Identifying Male Pattern Hair Loss with “Norwood-Hamilton Scale”


As men age, their hairline matures and for some men it is the beginning stages of Male Pattern Baldness. According to the Norwood Scale, a man’s hair loss can progress in 7 different stages and typically begins in their 20’s.

Another hair loss pattern for men is the likelihood of alopecia, men in their 20’s have a 20% chance of hair loss, men in their 30’s have a 30% chance of hair loss, men in their 40’s have a 40% chance, etc.

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– Brittany Gaines, National Hair Loss Creative Director

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