Do I Need Sun Protection For My Hair?

Does your hair need protection from the sun? You bet! Our hair takes a beating with color treatments, blow drying and other styling tools. During the summer months we spend more time outdoors while on vacation or poolside and our hair is exposed to even more free radicals, pollutants, and sun damage. We often forget about protecting our locks. Just like our skin, we should be protecting our hair from the sun’s damaging rays. We suggest wearing a full brimmed beach hat while outdoors, even one that has sun protection UPF built into the hat’s fabric. Always wear sunscreen or hair sunscreen on your scalp, especially the areas it is exposed such as the hairline, part, and crown.

nationalhairloss sunscreen for hair

Most importantly is to treat your hair just like your skin and provide that extra layer of protection while relaxing and enjoying the “dog days of summer.”

Now what about hair sunscreen? We have some suggestions listed here SUNSCREEN FOR HAIR.

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– Jodi Towns, National Hair Loss Patient Coordinator

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