Best men’s cut and hairstyles for a receding hair line


Looking for the best hairstyle for your thinning hair? Great hair styles are just not for men with a full thick head of hair. Men with receding hair lines don’t feel left out, check out our top picks from


Mid Fade + Quiff Haircut For Men

Haircut by Dean Marshall Braid of Braid Barbers

This hairstyle is great for a receding hairline. The fringe is longer and styled tall into a quiff that totally takes the attention away from thinning hair.


Short Men’s Haircut

Haircut by Kevin Luchmun

A very short men’s haircut is the easiest hairstyle for a receding hairline to manage. You can just wear it natural with no product, or style in place with a light hold pomade.


Short Pompadour Haircut

Haircut by Rum Barber

The short sides and the beard both give the sense that a man has more hair than perhaps he does. This is a cool short haircut styled into a pompadour. To get this exact look use a hard water pomade and work into damp hair. Use a comb or your fingers to get the style down.


Ultra Short Men’s Haircut

 Haircut by Andrew Lampe

This haircut features a bald fade on the sides which really shows off the hair on top that is cut very short and easy to style. Go all natural or use a small amount of light hold pomade to give some definition and movement to the hair.


You can find more receding hair line cuts on link below.


So now you found a haircut that fits your style. Now what? When you first start notice thinning you have already lost 50% of your hair. This is where preventative care is really important to stop hair loss in its tracks. Contact us today to learn how the worst day your hair will ever look will be day 1 on our innovative hair recovery program.

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