The Best False Eyelashes

The team at National Hair Loss is always looking for the best products for our patients to help them with their hair loss needs. We offer exclusive shampoo and conditioner specific for hair loss, we color fit hair fibers to help conceal, and we offer a multitude of beauty products to assist cancer patients with the physical changes from chemotherapy. This includes a fabulous false eyelash, Lash of Dreams, specifically designed for cancer patients. These faux eyelashes have a cross-over design that offers fullness without weight, as must of who have tried on false eyelashes know there is the feeling that something is on your eye. Not with these eyelashes. One of our favorite concepts behind the false eyelashes is the incorporation of eyeliner.
PRODUCT - lash of dreams false eyelashes

The Best False Eyelashes

For cancer patients who have gone through chemotherapy, hair loss is a well-known side effect. For women, not having any eyebrows or eyelashes can be hard to adjust to when looking in the mirror. National Hair Loss offers support groups and beauty classes to educate women the newest beauty techniques such as micro needling eyebrows, hair regrowth treatments, and how to apply false eyelashes. We are excited to have found and now offer what we consider “The best false eyelashes.”

How did we find Lash of Dreams?


Racine Salon & Spa

On a trip to New York City, National Hair Loss President Carly Klein was able to connect with like-minded individuals in the image industry. Carly visited Racine Salon in Islip, NY. Racine Salon is an exceptional salon owned by two hardworking and inspirational sisters, Rachel and Cynthia. Carly spoke with the two Racine Salon owners about their Lash of Dream design and their inspiration.

What makes their salon special and unique is every third Monday of the month Racine salon and its staff dedicate their time to offer complimentary services to those affected by cancer. Racine recently designed waterproof eyelashes for cancer patients with hair loss as a result of their treatment. This specific eyelash is designed for cancer patients and the product launched September 2015 in Bloomingdales. Congratulations Racine Salon, may you continue to bring out the beauty if others. Watch their Award Nominated documentary Monday’s At Racine featured on HBO Documentaries.

Interested in purchasing Lash of Dreams? Call our office (602)2832355/OOS (877)552-5350, mention our Lash of Dream blog and receive 10% off your Lash of Dream set.

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