Alopecia Training at Jennifer Andre Salon

Earlier this week National Hair Loss Team members Carly, Brittany and Megha had an empowering Alopecia Education Training at the Jennifer Andre – A Paul Mitchell Focus Salon in Scottsdale, AZ.

Jennifer Andre

Carly Klein, President and Founder, has been traveling across the country educating physicians, surgeons, medical staff, Master Stylists and business owners about the importance of knowing and identifying hair loss.


Stylists are the first to notice any changes in their client’s hair, it is our goal at National Hair Loss to educate salon professionals to feel empowered to talk to clients about hair loss. Our Master Stylist Guide to Alopecia will discuss the causes of hair loss, how to identify types of Alopecia, prevention options, hair restoration treatments, and stylist tips for talking to clients.

Alopecia Education Training for Master Stylists

Our presentation covers a multitude of topics to help stylists understand and assist their clients. We have found that many of the attendees that have taken our class feel more confident in speaking to clients. We cover the following topics:

– What is Alopecia?
– #1 Cause of Hair Loss
– Female/Male Pattern Hair Loss
– Identifying Hair Loss
– Different Forms of Alopecia (Traction, Areata, Stress)
– Treatments Available/Hair Restoration Options
– Medication
– Surgery
– New Technology
– How to talk to clients wit Hair Loss
– Q&A

An estimated 35 million men and 21 women will suffer from some form of hair loss in their life according to American Hair Loss Association. These men and women are clients and they look to stylists as the professional for all things hair, whether it is for the latest style or questions about hair loss.


Why is it important to take our class? Have you seen a client with a missing patch of hair and didn’t know what to tell them? Seen a client that previously had luscious hair and now looks extremely thin? Have a patient who lost their hair during chemotherapy? What would you tell a client who notices their thin hair and wants to prevent losing more?

Ask yourself; do you feel comfortable talking to your client about hair loss?

As someone who has suffered from Alopecia Areata myself, it gives me great joy to see stylists take the time to further your education to better serve your clients. – Brittany Gaines, National Hair Loss Creative Director



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